Our Postponed Wedding & Juneteenth Minimony Celebration

How it STARTED vs How it’s GOING
Happy Tuesday loves! Did COVID-19 shake up any major milestone events for you? For my fiancé Bakari and I we’ve rescheduled our wedding TWICE! 
But we’ve been determined to not let the pandemic steal our joy and one of our favorite partners that’s been helping us make sure we are still enjoying the process is Paperless Post (check out their blog post as well if you need help to restart your wedding planning after the pandemic).
Here are 3 REASONS why I highly recommend working with them for your SPECIAL OCCASIONS:
1️⃣ DESIGN TEAM - We are team extra and we definitely wanted to put our unique touch on our mini-mony celebration. We shared our vision for our PERSONALLY-DESIGNED invitations with the design team. We LOVE our engagement photos from Joshua Tree but we wanted to add a unique twist to them and the team DELIVERED! And had SO much patience with us as we continued to collaborate to make the final tweaks (via mobile and desktop) to ensure our DREAM invites come to life (regardless of the form factor you used to view it.
2️⃣ JUNETEENTH - Our families live all over the US so we wanted to find a day to celebrate our bond AND our growing family -  the Adams twin girls. And we couldn’t think of a better day to celebrate joy, freedom and the diaspora than to celebrate both on JUNETEENTH and to lean into that theme! The design team expertly tied in Juneteenth and 🇯🇲 colors to celebrate both of our backgrounds in our design and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
3️⃣ EVENT PLANNING EXPERTISE - It was so useful to have the PP team, that’s seen so many couples have to be flexible during this time, to guide us and specifically share what they’ve seen work well in the pandemic for wedding events. I love how easy it is to manage RSVPs, special requests, and vaccine information with PP ONLINE. Beijos! #paperlesspostpartner
Paperless Post Custom Wedding Invitation
Paperless Post Custom Wedding Illustration