The journey you take now will be led by you alone

Happy Sunday Beautiful people!

I just watched the best clip from Actress Olivia Spencer shared by one of my besties, Jericka (soon to be Dr. Knox) and I knew I needed to share it immediately.

Check it out here!

As Olivia said the journey you take from here on it will be led by you. Don't let that scare you...instead let it liberate you.

Sit on that thought for a few. How does that make you feel? Can you reinvision what you can accomplish?

Life is a mess. This summer has been filled with so many amazing blessings I can't even believe half of them when I sit back and think on it. So although life is a also encompasses the beauty and pain of this beautiful 🎢 and you get to wake up every day and decide where you want it to take you.

#thatpart #sundaymotivation