Don't let quarantine blues get you down with Wayfair! - Pt 2

Hi loves!!!

Quick recap from part 1 of my post...

I moved in with my fiance at the beginning of San Francisco's quarantine (which seems like years ago some days) in early March. For those of you that have combined homes, you know that it's an ongoing work in progress. If this time has taught me anything, it's to cherish the little things and definitely make your home an oasis. 

That's why blue became the statement color for the accent walls in our bedroom. Actually, a sea of blues, calming, yet playful in their placement (please see the featured image for reference and evidence of my obsession with the water and this color). For the bedroom, I wanted to add mirrors to make the space feel larger and decided to partner with Wayfair on this home renovation project.

And the mirrors and how we placed them in our house (thanks to a virtual interior design session with my sister in love Afiya Kumar) EXCEEDED my expectations!

Check them out below and on my IG. I highly recommend that you add Wayfair to your list if you're making home improvements. Beijos! 


Navarrette Modern Accent Mirror - Bedroom


 Navarrette Modern Accent Mirror

Gold Industrial Full Length Mirror - Bedroom


Gold Industrial Full Length Mirror

Industrial Gold Full Length MirrorIndustrial Gold Full Length Mirror


Modern Full Length Mirror - Living Room


Modern Full Length Mirror - White

So excited with how the home makeover is progressing! Stay tuned as we chip away loves and thanks for the partnership again Wayfair :) Beijos!

Proudly sponsored by Wayfair