Safiya Jihan

"Self Care" Unisex Joggers


*Taking pre-orders and sizes S to 2XL

Bakari wearing Dark Grey (size Large)
Safiya wearing Dark Grey & Black (size Small)


For this limited edition release, we are championing SELF CARE and providing a fun way to spice up some of your favorite pieces that are already in your closet. Of course, these can also be worn with trousers from the Caliente & Royal collections. 

The vision behind this release is a reminder to put on your safety mask first. You can't show up for anyone else unless you show up for yourself. There's a dangerous image of being a selfless superwoman. Far too often, too many of us are worked down to the BONE trying to make sure everyone else is okay. It's time to reclaim our voice and our priorities. This is not being selfish. This is about survival and health. If there's any time where radical SELF CARE is a must it's definitely NOW. 

A great book that touches on this in one light that my brother Daren pointed out is: Salvation - Black People and Love by Bell Hooks. There's a chapter called Salvation that is a must-read. It deep dives into the hit movie Soul Food which was a modern-day romanticization of the matriarchal mother. By not attending to her health needs she dies an early and unnecessary death. Yet the film makes her an icon...we all know women like this but we often fail to realize that this is not a sign of self-love or strength... Don't worry an IG LIVE is coming soon to chat about this. But the takeaway is that it's OUR time, men and women, to reclaim SELF CARE. Regardless of your age or background. YOU DESERVE THIS. Beijos!



The “Self Care” Limited Edition Jogger is a bold, fun, and comfortable way to celebrate self-care. You can style these joggers with your "Self Care" Cropped Crewneck or Sweatshirt. Elevate this look with a pop of color in your accessories. Keep it laid back with your favorite pair of flats. Make it a street-style luxe look and toss on your favorite pair of kicks or sneakers.



The Black “Self Care” Limited Edition Jogger is a bold and comfortable way to celebrate self-care. Keep it laid back with your favorite crewneck or T-shirt. Make it a street-style luxe look and toss on your favorite pair of kicks or sneakers.



Fits true to size, take your normal size.


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