'Work Hard, Play Hard'

Happy New Year Friends! 

I get a lot of questions about where to find attire that can easily transition from work to play (read: happy hour, turn up festivities, you name it!). One of my specialities is mixing and matching new and old pieces in my wardrobe to create new looks. 

For this look - I literally woke up and was thinking...okay, I want to wear this sweater crop top but I need to pair it with a great high-waisted pencil skirt to accentuate my waist. But I've already worn it with the two pencil skirts that immediately came to mind in my closet and I wanted a fresh look for my first day back at the office. And that's when it hit me - the silhoutte of my new Asos dress would be perfect for acheiving this look. 


More importantly - talk about transitioning this outfit right to play! I could rock it as is or if I really wanted to spice it up I could easily take off this crop top and have a completely different look. 



P.S. The dress is still available here. Thank me later ;-)