Join Us for the Denim Days Fashion Show on March 23rd!

Hello Beautiful!



Come join me at Bloomingdale's on Saturday, March 23rd at 2PM to get inspired by our Denim Days Fashion Show featuring the hottest & latest denim trends hosted by yours truly :)

Make sure to sign up via the Eventbrite here!

Update your spring look with a pair of customized jeans, denim jacket, or button-down found at the Denim Headquarters on the 3rd floor.

Enjoy light bites and a refreshing beverage while you shop.

And to pay it forward, this year Bloomingdale's has partnered with HELPSY, an environmental organization that works to keep clothes out of the trash. Bring your used denim and drop it off at the HELPSY donation bin at Bloomingdale's.





Beautifully written with such elegance.Winston and I your parents are so proud of your diligence and always aiming for the epitome of excellence.may God continue to bless you.We recalled your favorite Sunday school scripture “-I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me “ 🙏🏿❤️🌹 we love your partnership with Bath and body and so happy to discover the plethora of wonderful items they carry online and in store. As our famous belated Reggae icon Bob Marley would say “One love and everything will be alright “🇯🇲 Endless love from mom, dad and your peas in a pod brother -Daren Miller .♥️💚🔑

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