Happily Registered with Bed Bath & Beyond

Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond for your partnership on this post! All opinions are my own. Beijos!

Happy New Year loves! After the launch of my clothing line last year, while still working full time at Microsoft, my schedule has never been more demanding. But true love stops for no one and as my fiancé Bakari stated “she’s always booked but her schedule was cleared on Saturday [October 19th] and I truly haven’t left cloud ☁️ 9 since. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’m officially a fiancé and I’m excited to make space this year to create the wedding of my dreams…which actually starts in T-1 month with 2 becoming 1...as we prepare to officially move in together this year.


With these goals in mind, I’m beyond grateful that we found Bed Bath & Beyond’s all-in-one wedding registry. They go beyond the traditional registry experience by offering a wide range of registry favorites, unique couple travel and adventure experiences to create new memories with your partner, and their latest addition - honeymoon and registry cash funds to give your guests (and more importantly you 😉) more options to celebrate this exciting moment in your life!

Right before the holidays, we registered in-store with Stephanie, our rockstar registry expert in San Francisco, but what I love about Bed Bath & Beyond is that they are committed to total convenience. Couples can also register online or on-the-go using the Bed Bath & Beyond app (which is super easy to use to manage your registry anytime and anywhere). At the store, Stephanie took the time to listen to each of us to truly understand our current needs vs future wants wish list. And then she introduced us to the in-store App scanner...and I have to admit...we went a little wild with this helpful tool 😜It was so easy to scan the items on the spot and see them instantly update on our registry. Then those items are organized in the App against Bed Bath & Beyond’s registry checklist to ensure you have everything you may need to start your new life with your partner - from bedding to cookware from storage essentials to home & decor. You name it - they have a list of the essentials and nice to haves you should consider. 



To sum up my experience in 3 words: Simple, seamless and convenient! Perfect timing for 2 busy professionals (cues 🎶 turn this house into a home by Luther Vandross) turning their new house into a home. Keep scrolling to see what we ended up adding to the casa and my tips for what to add to your registry if MOVING is high on your to do list! 


Bedroom Essentials

Black Bed Folding Tray


Of course, breakfast in bed wouldn’t be complete without the tray but this isn’t your usual tray. The chrome legs help it stay in place while the elevated sides prevent items from sliding off. The black leatherette cover adds an elegant look while making it easy to clean. 

White Chevron Duvet Set

Sleeping on this super soft and cozy duvet set brings me back to feeling like I’m on cloud nine again. We chose white because it’s giving us hotel vibes, while the raised chevrons add just the right amount of glam. 

Modway Taylor Headboard 

This is the most regal king sized headboard that I’ve ever had. It’s sturdy, it can fit most modern bedrooms - and just look at that velvet again!

Paradise Darkening Window Curtain Panel

This curtain panel is a MUST for our bedroom. There are days when we want to sleep in longer and this does the trick by blocking out the sunlight and keeping the room dim.

Table Lamp in Gold Leaf

How chic is that lamp? The gold finish and marble pedestal complement each other, making this lamp a statement piece in the bedroom. It also uses a LED bulb that is an energy saver.

"I Do, We Did" Mermaid Sequin Throw Pillow

Those of you that know me, know I LIVE for a bold look so this sequins gem immediately caught my eye. The “I Do” turns to “We Did” with a quick brush of your hand. It makes me want to just brush it every day! Just like I want Bakari to propose every single day, lol!

Office Essentials

Clear Glacier Desk

Ah! My dream desk for my home office and fashion designer’s studio! This modern, sleek glass beauty is the definition of clarity for the new decade. 


Velvet Swivel Beatrix Office Chair

This is the most regal king sized headboard that I’ve ever had. It’s sturdy, it can fit most modern bedrooms - and just look at that velvet again!

The moment I set my eyes on this, I knew it would be perfect in my home office (what can I say, I’m still in love with the regal velvet from my most recent holiday collection). It’s super comfortable and the velvet just feels luxurious. I’m renaming her “Kingston”.


Kate Spade Gold Letter Tray


I loved dressing up my glass desk with this glamorous "things to do" gold accented letter organizer. Sleek and chic!


Round Flush Ceiling Light

As the captain of #teamextra I decided to add some flair and opted for these vintage ceiling lights that were inspired by the sputnik designs of the 60's. 


Home & Décor


Wine Cooler & Cutting Board

Google Nest Thermostat 

Who doesn’t like saving hundreds of dollars while also being more green? This smart thermostat is a no-brainer (and has also been on my fiance’s wish list for a while) and we already love it! It detects your body movements so it turns off by itself whenever the house is empty. But if you’re still anxious or always on the go, you can control it from wherever using the Nest app. Say farewell to the days of having to wait for your house to cool down or warm up. Tchau! Ciao! 

18-Bottle Wine Cooler


As wine enthusiasts with Napa Valley in our backyard we can never have enough wine in the casa and have been searching for the best way to organize our collection! Honestly, this was on Bakari’s bucket list for ever so I’m excited we now have this in our home. Now we are looking forward to more #netflixandchill nights, re-watching the Watchmen, sipping wine, living in the moment, and not worrying about tomorrow!

Cordless Top-Down Bottom-Up Light Filtering Shade

We’ve been on the hunt for something to put on our windows that will let some sunlight in while maintaining our privacy and this is the answer. Cordless and easy to use!

California Destination Cutting/Serving Board

🎶 I’m going, going, back, back, back to Cali, Cali, Cali! 🎶 I love this fun serving board and can’t wait to use it when we have friends over for wine and cheese. 

Candle Towels

Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

I don’t think any other towels could be as soft, absorbent and luxurious as this bath towel set. The size is perfect for me and fiance and we know that it will last us for years. 

Ultra Soft 6-Piece Bath Towel Set

Isn’t it obvious by now that you can’t have enough quality bath towels. Aside from the quality, we also loved the color range of this set and you can’t beat the prices. We’ll take 2 more!

3-Wick Jar Candle

When lit up, the garden scents of bamboo wood and jasmine flowers bring a calming and relaxing ambiance to the room. This candle is also perfect in the bathroom as well. 

Wooden Wastebasket

The aesthetic of this wastebasket goes well with our house and bedroom decor.

Wooden Towel Holder

The wooden pieces work well with the towel set which is also part of our registry.

Wooden Small Storage Bin

This keeps our bathroom essentials neat and organized.

Cutting Board

Those are our top wedding registry picks loves! Moving in or already living together Bed, Bath & Beyond has everything you could need for your home. And last, but not least, head on over to Bed Bath & Beyond today! I'm taking over their IG and want to know which of MY top picks are YOUR favorites! Beijos!