day PArty with a purpose



Hola amigos y familia!

​I joined the Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD) Vanguard
 for a colorful celebration of the French and Spanish speaking countries of the African Diaspora! This day party with a purpose encouraged guests to get in the spirit - from Ankara to Kente and patterns in between - and come dressed to impress in your flyest African fashion. 

​With stylist pressure running high, I found myself scrambling at the last minute to get my life in order! I didn't want to half step and just come in bright colors so I reignited my Google search to find any locally owned stores that carried African clothes. 

​Unfortunately, I came up empty handed because I waited until a few days before the event to make moves and a lot of the artists sold their items during Oakland First Fridays or at the Berkley Flea Market on Sundays.

Fail. For me. 

But alas, I was speaking to my local Park partner in crime Jeff about my crisis and we discussed a worst case scenario move - buy some fabric, wrap up your hair and keep it moving! Okay - solid plan B. Except that my head is really large and I have faux loss ... so my usual head wrap styles would need some fine tuning. 

And then it happened. Magic. In literally less than 1 hour. 

In the middle of my Google search on the bus ride home after my Saturday AM Zumba class I found a fabric store in THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO that had African prints. Amen! So I jumped off the bus, caught the California Street Cable Car to Powell street and set foot to Britex Fabrics in Union Square.

After getting sidetracked with a quick run into Zara. Because. You know it's Zara...I made it to Britex.  

Upstairs on the second floor I started to get a bit overwhelmed by the ABUNDANCE of options surrounding me, but a nice employee helped me take a few deep breaths, calm down, and walk through the options until I stumbled on a print that spoke to me - a true 2 for 1 deal!

Don't you love those!?

This African print was bold AND highlighted the colors of my Jamaican heritage. Done and done. Yes, I'll take 1 yard of this print. 

$15 later I was on my way home. Actually, I didn't make it far because there was an Indian street fair between me and the climb back up Powell Street. So I stopped for some quick street food and inhaled a samosa while listening to some banghara for a few minutes outside - yummy...but tchau work out gains! :/

Okay - back to the main story. So I hike back to my apartment with this beautiful print....but what was I actually going to do with it? 

A few creative iterations later - viola! I created this top on top of a bra for shape and support. With no thread, no needle, no pins. 


+ then I tossed on one of my favorite skirts from Zara, my go to nude heels and a hat - just because #whynot and this vintage clutch find from my Mom. 

Ba ding ba da boom.